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Team introduction
In order to maintain the competitiveness of core science and technology, GMCC continues to invest a lot of scientific research resources, equipped with international experts as the leader, doctors as the backbone, masters as the main body of R & D team and more than 130 sets of advanced equipment worth more than 200 million yuan, established an excellent R & D testing center, and passed the national laboratory certification and UL CTDP certification.
The number of patents is the world's first in the air compressor industry
hundred million
Annual R&D investment
Air pressure authorized patent
Technology leadership
Technology leadership

Environmentally friendly refrigerant application technology

Leading the global process of refrigerant substitution

Developed since 2004, signed in 2011, the first R290 compressor demonstration line in the United Nations.

Energy-efficient inverter technology

Boost global energy efficiency upgrades

In 2003, DC frequency conversion technology was successfully developed, and double-cylinder frequency conversion, frequency conversion and volume conversion, jet frequency conversion and so on were continuously upgraded.

Low temperature heat pump heating technology

Help the implementation of the northern coal-to-electricity policy

Jet enthalpy enhancement technology rotor & vortex application, extremely cold and rapid start, efficiency increase of 15~20%, help air energy heat pump application.

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